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Duct Cleaning

Air Adjusters provides duct cleaning services for homeowners in the Brunswick, GA area to ensure your home’s indoor air quality is clean and healthy. Indoor air pollution can actually be worse for you than outdoor pollution! People spend the majority of their lives inside their homes, so clean indoor air with low levels of dust, particulates, and contaminants is important for your health. A well maintained and clean air system helps your heating and cooling system run more efficiently and creates a more comfortable indoor environment.

Our Duct Cleaning System

We use the Rotobrush system which is the leading duct cleaning system on the market today. The HEPA filters used remove 99.9% of particles in the duct system. We will remove all supply grilles so they can be cleaned and reinstalled when the duct cleaning is completed. We then clean all accessible ductwork using the Rotobrush machine. We will wipe the air handler cabinet and brush off the evaporator coil. After cleaning, we disinfect with an anti-microbrial treatment. With regular inspections to determine when your ducts need cleaning, your indoor air quality will be greatly improved.

Duct Cleaning Benefits

  • Maximize HVAC efficiency
  • Eliminate mold and mildew
  • Reduce allergens and odors
  • Reduce dirt and debris
  • Reduce dust and mites
  • Decrease monthly energy bills
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